Open Data Federation

Open Data Federation (ODF) is a web application able to federate existing Open Data Management Systems (ODMS) based on different technologies; in this way ODF provides a unique access point to search and discover open data sets coming from the different federated ODMS. ODF uniforms representation of collected Open Data Set, thanks to the adoption of international standards (DCAT-AP) and provides a set of APIs to develop third party applications. ODF supports natively ODMS based on CKAN, DKAN and Socrata and provides a set of APIs to federate ODMSs not natively supported; these ODMSs have to implement and expose them. In addition, it is possible to federate a generic Web Portal, either by using the Web Scraping functionality or by uploading a dump of the datasets in DCAT-AP format. Moreover, ODF provides a SPARQL endpoint in order to perform queries on 5 stars RDF linked open data collected from federated ODMSs.